Repair Services

We specialise in watch, jewellery and silver repairs

We Make a Speciality of Repairs

Do you have a much-loved item that is languishing, broken in a drawer? A watch that no longer goes? A clock that stops, or does not strike correctly?

We firmly believe that jewellery should be worn and enjoyed and that clocks and watches should tell the time. So why not consider asking us for a quotation for repair? Quotations are given free of charge and there is no obligation to proceed with the repair.

Jewellery Repairs

If you have an item, maybe an old item of your own or one that you may have inherited that is broken or doesn’t fit why consider having the item repaired or adjusted? As well as offering a full repairs service for all items of jewellery, we are also able to offer rethreading services, cleaning and polishing and valuing.

Clock Repairs

A quality clock is for life! And to keep it in good working order it will benefit from regular servicing just as your car or any other precision mechanical device would.

A clock will wear with use. Over time the oil becomes viscous and dust from the atmosphere will enter the movement causing microscopic abrasion to occur as moving parts work against one another. Various components of the movement become worn and eventually performance is degraded and failure may occur.

The service intervals vary for different types of clocks and we would be happy to offer our advice on your particular clock. Of course we would also be able to inspect you clock and provide a quotation with no obligation.

A service usually comprises of fully dismantling and cleaning all parts. Next wear on mechanical parts is repaired. The clock is then reassembled, oiled and fully tested in our workshop before being returned with our guarantee.

In addition to clock repairs, we can also repair your barometer or barograph.

Silver Repairs

Is your Silver dented, bent, scratched, worn or just broken? It can probably be repaired and we would be happy to provide a free quotation.

Often items lay unused or gathering dust because an accident has caused a dent and maybe a leak, or a handle or knob may be broken or missing. The item can probably be repaired and restored and brought back to useful life.

In addition to solid silver repairs we can also offer a silver plating and polishing service. An old canteen of silver-plated cutlery can look rather down at heel after generations of abrasive cleaners have removed the silver plating! But within a short time and at relatively little expense it can look brand new again


Items can be machine engraved and this is often suitable for relatively straightforward tasks such as presentation plates and trophies. It is less expensive than hand engraving and gives a uniform finish although the choice of styles is limited.

Hand engraving is more costly as it is a more highly skilled and time-consuming process. The range of styles is much greater and, although we can suggest styles, we can also copy a design and even reverse-engrave a monogram or family crest for sealing.


As well as repairs, we are also able to give free quotations for remodelling existing pieces or even producing an item to a customer’s specifications. Once you have restored a favourite piece of jewellery, a watch or maybe a clock or barometer, you will be able to gain many more years of enjoyment from it at a fraction of the cost of replacing it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nothing! Quotes are free and there is no obligation to proceed with work once we have quoted you.

If we give you a quotation to repair an item and you accept, then that's how much it will cost. Unless otherwise stated it is a quotation rather than an estimate.

In many cases we can give you a pretty good idea of the cost over the phone but we'd need to see the item to provide you with a firm quote. 

We can repair worn settings, alter the ring's size, and even replace part or all of its shank. We can also match and supply new stones. We would always give you a firm free quotation before beginning work and we can discuss the costs of repair compared to replacement to help you work out if it's economical to repair the item.

Yes, this can happen! We can probably source beads to match the missing ones and then re-string the necklace. You may also consider a knotted re-string so that the beads are safer. We'd recommend a quick visit to the vet with the dog.

Probably not. If the clock was previously fine and now stops after a move it's most likely that the pendulum is out of beat. In this case, the tick will sound irregular like,

"tick TOCK" tick TOCK tick TOCK"

instead of,

"tick tick tick tick tick tick"

We may be able to help over the phone or else to arrange for a clockmaker to visit you if you are relatively local.

Any Questions?

If you can't find the answer you're looking for please drop us a line and we'll be happy help.

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