We Buy Old Gold & Jewellery

We are always looking for jewellery, silverware, watches, clocks, pocket watches, coins, medals and old gold

What do we buy?

It may be possible to repair or remodel unwanted or broken jewellery in which case please contact us about our repairs services. Alternatively, you may wish to consider releasing its cash value. All items are considered and in any condition.

If you need to know the value of an item for insurance or probate purposes please read about out other valuation services.

  • Scrap Metal

    Gold, silver and platinum including dental gold.

  • Old Jewellery

    Rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc in any condition. Plain gold or silver or stone set jewellery bought. Will also consider loose stones which will be tested by us before offer.

  • Coins

    All silver and gold coins including Sovereigns, Krugerrands, etc all wanted.

  • Watches & Pocket Watches

    Old and antique watches - quality brands in any condition. We can also make an offer for old or worn pocket watches and watch cases - with or without movements. All old pocket watches are considered. English pair-cased fusees, silver and gold cased pocket watches with calendars and moon-phases always wanted.

  • Clocks

    Quality antique clocks are always wanted, especially English and French carriage, bracket and long case clocks.

  • Silverware

    All items of silverware are considered - Tableware, hollowware and flatware in solid silver, quality silver plate and Sheffield plate. Candlesticks, serving spoons, condiments, tea pots, milk jugs, carving sets, etc.

  • Other Collectibles

    We may be able to make you an offer on other items of interest ranging from silver ornaments to barometers and barographs. If you are in doubt please telephone us before bringing in your item. We do not generally deal in porcelain or fine art.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the answer you're looking for please contact us and we'll do our best to help

Yes this is by far the best thing to do! We will assess your items and make an offer, often while you wait. There is no obligation and you can choose whether to accept or decline our offer. Fluctuating metal prices mean that offers are valid only on the day that they are made. Often, jewellery may have a higher value than its scrap metal value and we may be able to achieve a higher offer price if you are prepared to leave the items with us for a short time. To sell to us you need to be over 18 and need to have identification.

We can usually make an instant payment in cash. Alternatively, you could choose to receive the amount credited to a gift card or sent by bank transfer.

We will not be able to make you an offer until we see the items but may be able to offer some advice.

If we choose to make you an offer the minimum amount offered will reflect the prevailing market scrap metal price. But we may be able to offer you more than this depending on the item. We would need to see that item and cannot make offers without inspection.

No, not necessarily, we may offer much more! If an item has value other than its intrinsic metal value, we may be able to make you a much better offer.

In many cases we would be able to make you an offer in just a few minutes. But if you have an item which is likely to be worth more than its scrap value it would be of benefit to you to leave the item with us for a short time so that we can research and offer you the best possible price.

We’ve been buying and selling gold and jewellery in Salisbury since 1905 and have a good reputation for quality of service. We are also members of the National Association of Jewellers.

A reputable dealer would not say this, and in any case how would they know? You should only ever part with your valuables if you are happy with the offer, and we would advise thinking the matter over in private before coming to any decision.

Possibly! Many reputable companies have an online presence, but we find that most of our customers find it easier to trust and deal with a long established bricks-and-mortar business where they can chat to an experienced and trained member of staff about the various options that may be available.

If you are not happy with an offer made for your jewellery and have a noteworthy piece that is in a saleable condition, you may want to consider either selling it privately or appointing us to sell it for you on a commission basis. You may eventually attain a higher value but of course, there's no guarantee that the piece will sell quickly. We can offer advice on both of these options.

Hallmarking of Precious Metals

Please note that when dealing in precious metals it is illegal to describe an item as platinum, gold, silver or palladium unless it is hallmarked.