Quality valuations for insurance and probate

Valuation Services

We offer a range of valuation services undertaken on the premises by our resident expert including insurance valuations and probate valuations. We can value modern and antique jewellery, watches, clocks and silverware. There are several types of valuation service available and we can even advise on fair values for the private sale of secondhand goods. But most valuations are undertaken for insurance or probate purposes.

Insurance Valuations

Insurance valuations provide the client with a fully described schedule illustrated with photographs. Extensive research is entered into in order to give an accurate assessment of the replacement value of an article. Where possible this will be in terms of a brand new replacement value. In the case of an antique item or irreplaceable item, the cost to replace with a similar or equivalent item. The valuation can be used to list the item on a household or specialist insurance policy. It does not constitute an offer to purchase the goods.

Probate Valuations

Valuations for probate are often used by executors of a will in order to ascertain the hypothetical disposal value of an item. As with an insurance valuation, care is taken to fully examine and document the article, although typically the schedule will contain less descriptive detail. The valuation of an item will usually be lower than an insurance valuation as the client is seeking a reasonable estimate of the item's disposal value on the open market. This type of valuation does not constitute an offer to purchase the goods.

Post Loss Valuations

A post loss valuation may also be known as a retrospective valuation. It seeks to determine the replacement value of an item that has been lost or stolen. A schedule is produced and a valuation is ascertained on the basis that the item has been described by the client but not seen by us. The client may wish to use the valuation to pursue a subsequent insurance claim. We cannot be held responsible for the validity of the value as this is based solely on the client’'s testimony.

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